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Sunshine! and custom and personalised watercolour name paintings

Hello there!


Well we have been having some lovely sunshine here in Stockholm the past couple of days! It make such a difference and I feel like I have lots more energy. I have been enjoying the sunshine and creating some new personalised watercolour name paintings which you can buy via my Etsy shop.

1 3 Here are just a few examples that I have done and I just love creating custom art for a special birthday or celebration as I feel that it adds gives an extra bit or specialness to the present because it was made just for that person!   Personalised_art If you would like one of my custom pieces which includes a name of someone special and then a theme for example spring flowers, sunshine, cute animals or seascapes and you’re not on Etsy then please get in touch with me via my contact page and we can arrange something!

Have a lovely day.


Valentines day sale! 25% off all items in my Etsy shop.

Happy valentines day! To celebrate the official day of love I am having a valentines day sale of 25% on all items in my Etsy shop! So if you fancy a nice new piece of original art, some flowery cards or a nice new notebook to make plans for Spring then head over to my shop!


To use the coupon code: When you go to the checkout just use the coupon code “Valentines” and your 25% will be taken off. The offer expires on Tuesday the 18th of February!

New to Etsy? You have to create an account in order to purchase an item an then login. Once you have done that you are free to shop as much as you want from independant buyers worldwide. You can also pay directly using direct checkout with a credit or debit card or pay via paypal! It’s that easy!

Happy valentines day one and all!

Claire xoxo

New art for sale in my Etsy shop!

New artI have been creating watercolour drawing recently and I have posted a selection of them on my Etsy shop here.

The paintings are created on heavy weight watercolour paper and I have used good quality watercolour paints and then applied some graphic lines using my rotring pens. These paintings are a new idea I have of layering the subtle tones of watercolour paints with the graphic aspect.  The painting comes in a plastic envelope with a cardboard piece behind it to avoid it getting bent in the post and then sealed in an envelope with parcel tape.

If you are not so interested in shopping via Etsy then please get in touch and we can discuss other options.

Have anice day.


Big canvass project!

Since the beginning of the year I have been working on the big canvas project. I had always wanted to create large paintings because it always seemed like a massive task, so when we wondered what we would do with a large canvas lying around at home we thought that it would be a nice idea for me to paint it and then we could hang it on the wall and add a splash of colour to our little living room here in Stockholm.


So after realising my dream of painting big I began applying the newspaper to the canvas to act as a nice base, then went on the white paint and then I began to think about what I was going to paint on the canvas.


Of course we wanted something floral (as florals are my forte!) and something that was flowing and would represent summer and daydreams. I started by sketching in my notebook and after we decided on the final design then I set to painting blue, green and white on the canvass in lines and swirls to add some depth to the painting. After than I sketched out the shapes of the flowers and leaves in a very watered down yellow acrylic and then I set to deciding the colours and then adding the details to the motifs.


4 6

Now I am still working on the painting after doing quite a lot already. It is a greatly therapeutic painting because it is so big (2 x 1 meters) and you can really let loose on such a large-scale. I love painting and for me I really would like to do some other larger paintings and murals in the future. Now I just have to consider what to do next which includes whether or not I will add some black ink which I normally add to my paintings or if I will just add the rest of the details with the acrylic paint! You can follow the progress of the big canvas project through instagram and also Facebook.