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Tea time print for sale in the shop!

Tea_2 Tea_6

Do you remember those watercolour teacups and drawings about spoons that I posted the last week? Well I have not got the print up for sale in my etsy shop! You can order it in two different sizes, A4 and A3. I think that it would look lovely in someones new home or a tea-aholic like myself! Hope you like it and have a great weekend.


Blue flowers for the summer days ..

Here is another new painting that I painted and inked recently called “Blue flowers in a vase”. I really love creating the watercolour detail with the ink as it makes the picture come alive more. I hope you like the picture and it now for sale in my etsy shop.

Have a great day summer day!


blueflowersinavase_1 blueflowersinavase_4 blueflowersinavase_5 blueflowersinavase_6

New watercolour paintings in the shop..

Just posted two new A4 watercolour and ink paintings in the shop. One is called “green flowers in a bowl” and the other is called “Japanese garden” and they are pretty and pastelly and only $30 each!

Have a lovely day!


Greenflowersinnbowl_2 Japanese_Garden_8

New challenges and watercolour love!

I wanted to start this blog post off by saying thanks to everyone who follows and supports me via all the different channels such as social media, exhibitions, my shop and markets that I do. Every bit of support adds to me producing more work so thank you!


I started to give myself new challenges recently because I want to develop my portfolio so I can contact agents and companies to try out freelance illustration and surface pattern design. I don’t think that I am there yet because I feel like I am still on the path to discovering who I am as an artist and that is ok. I have the time and energy to work on developing my art because I don’t have a full-time job and this is so great.

I think maybe this is true for all artists but I get stuck sometimes because I think that there are so many wonderful ways of working and it can get a little much to choose which way I want to work. Since the beginning of the year I have been working with watercolours with ink and I love this process but whilst I was working at GS I really got in to illustrator. I love both methods but now I want to find a way for me to work in order to create the work I am most proudest of.


There are so many thoughts right now about which direction to go in so I decided that I needed a little help and bought Lilla Rogers book “I just like to make things”. I had read so many positive things about the book and Lilla so I decided to take the plunge. The book is amazing because it has little activities, advice for getting in to different markets, interviews with her artists and company directors and also one of the most hardest aspects of being an artists and that is the psychological challenges that you face on a daily basis.


It is a really inspiring and I would recommend it to other artist who want to grow and develop. Lilla also has an online course “Make art that sells” that I have also read alot of good things about and that looks really jammy and full of great advice, tips and ways of developing your work as an artist. At the moment I cannot afford it but that is ok because maybe next year I can do it! I also entered in to the global talent search which is also run by Lilla. I don’t expect to win the prize, which is a two-year contract with her agency, but I do expect to have fun, work hard and create some new work for my portfolio!

Claire_Caudwell_1 Claire_Caudwell_2

So anyway if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you will have seen some pictures of some watercolour and ink paintings I did of cups, spoons, quirky hand lettering etc. Well I decided that I wanted to develop the idea and make it in to a print, so I worked on some other drawings which I could use as well and put it all together in Photoshop and here is the finished product below.


I also got it printed on to A3 photopaper and I there are a few tweaks that I want to make to it but I really like how it is varied, quirky and colourful. I think it would be fun print to sell in my Etsy shop also and I will let you know when I do.

Have a great weekend!