Monthly Archives: January 2016

Day 25 – 31 and the end of the first month!

Here’s this weeks, day 25-31, of my year long project #clairecaudwell365daysofart.

25 2016 ClaireCaudwellArt 26 2016 ClaireCaudwellArt 27 2016 ClaireCaudwellArt 28 2016 ClaireCaudwellArt 29 2016 ClaireCaudwellArt

30 2016 ClaireCaudwellArt 31 2016 ClaireCaudwellArt

I’m feeling really happy and proud that I have made it one whole month. Only 11 more to go! Setting new goals for myself is something that feels great. After this whole month of daily painting and drawing I am getting a feel of what I enjoy painting/drawing and in which direction I want to develop my artistic skills. I knew already that I love painting flowers and that it comes very naturally for me. I have discovered that I also like drawing text and that my favourite medium so far is watercolour and ink. I am feeling inspired to expand my subject area a bit also. I am thinking cakes, more birds, people and trees. Maybe other subject matter will come to me over the next month. Watch this space. I have lots of ideas and creativity. It’s just down to me to make it happen and get my ideas down on to paper. Thanks for following my first month of daily drawing. I hope you keep following me and journey.

Day 11 – 17

11 2016 ClaireCaudwellArtHere’s this week’s round up of  #clairecaudwell365daysofpainting day 11 – 17. I have been painting alot of watercolour colour painting’s this week. Working with colour and shape, even butterflies and triangles.

12 2016 ClaireCaudwellArt

13 2016 ClaireCaudwellArt

14 2016 ClaireCaudwellArt

Later on in the week I created some ink drawings, inspired again by flowers and butterflies but also tea which I am a great fan of!15 2016 ClaireCaudwellArt

16 2016 ClaireCaudwellArt

17 2016 ClaireCaudwellArt

My last piece of art for the week is an acrylic on paper piece. I have another project in the works, which is painting some draws I have at home. I wanted to create a pattern to paint on to the draws and this is the one I am going to use above. Just need to start painting!

Hope your enjoying what I have created so far and I look forward to sharing with you next week my new piece’s of art.

Day 10

10 2016 Claire Caudwell Art

Today’s #clairecaudwell365daysofart with a quote from matisse, “creativity takes courage”. Keeping it simple with some watercolour lettering, flowers and dots.