Monthly Archives: February 2016

Day 53 – 59 of 365 days of art

The day’s are going by and I cannot believe that I am already at day 59 of my year long art project!

53_2016_ClaireCaudwellArt This week I have been working with in black and white, drawing with my muji ink pen in my sketchbook. I am really enjoying working in ink. I feel that I am developing a new kind of style by working in this medium.

54_2016_ClaireCaudwellArt 55_2016_ClaireCaudwellArt 56_2016_ClaireCaudwellArt 57_2016_ClaireCaudwellArt 58_2016_ClaireCaudwellArt

Today I opted for watercolour. I love working with watercolour and painting in general, but I feel that it takes alot longer, than just using pen. I don’t want to get out of practice with my watercolour painting so I will try and do more of it next week. I love working with colour as well and that is something that I miss when working only in ink.

59_2016_ClaireCaudwellArtThere is only a few day’s left of February, so it will be exciting to start the month of March. I can feel new ideas forming in terms of media and subject. I have been thinking of possibly doing some very simple print making too so we’ll see what I come up with.