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MATS Bootcamp March assignment

As I mentioned before I am taking part in the Lilla Rogers MATS bootcamp. The first assignment was to create a colouring book cover inspired by 1920’s hairstyles.

After some research via the internet of 1920’s women, hairstyles etc, I began drawing. I drew mainly women who had moody/sad expressions, whom were wearing lovely textiles and were surrounded by flowers. I also really love incorporating textiles and pattern’s into my drawings. 1

I worked a bit on my layout on paper and in the computer, and added some colour to the final front cover. Here is the final front cover, “Women of the 1920’s”.


With this title I wanted to say that this is a colouring book dedicated to the women of this era. That despite them possibly being viewed as sex symbols, they were beautiful strong women.

Overall I am happy with the outcome of my front cover. I think it represents my drawing style well. However I think that my lady looks a bit sad and maybe I should have made here expression slightly happier and stronger, but at the same time alot of the images that I looked at depicted women who had a slight glimmer of sadness in their eye’s. Of course there are always things that I could have changed, done better, etc, but for the first project of this bootcamp I am happy with what I have produced.


Day 74 – 80 365 day’s of art

74_Claire_Caudwell_Art_2016Day 74 – 80 of 365 day’s of art. I’m still drawing alot with my black ink muji pen’s. But I have also been working in gouache and watercolour. I am also exploring and finding new and exciting subject matters. Yesterday, on a walk, I saw some house’s that were painted in different colours and that have inspired today’s painting (See the last picture in the post).



I am also dreaming of Spring and I have a feeling that it is soon here in Stockholm. This has lead me to create art base on the inspiration that is Spring.



I have also taking part in the #MATSBootcamp with Lilla Rogers. I hope to have fun and create some new piece’s of art. Day 78 is part of the warm up excersize for the first assignment, 1920’s face’s. I look forward to getting more stuck in to this project and having fun!



So that’s all from this week. Hope you’re enjoying my little year long project!